I’m planning on searching through a lot of words to see if they are blocked on Weibo. Ideally, going forward, I’d also be able to check the status of previously banned words to see if they’re still blocked. As this is a rather large undertaking (think SETI :), if you’d like to help and are fairly handy around a computer* (or simply good at following directions), let me know and I’ll send you a chunk of words along with instructions on how to check them. It does require a modicum of effort, but hopefully, as I refine my script, it’ll be mostly hands-free.

If you read about or discover a banned word, or if you want to write up a short summary of one of already found blocked words for me to post, feel free to submit it to me. Alternatively, you can message me on Twitter @jasonqng.

*You’ll need to be able to install a program on your computer, copy and paste files, type some words in a command line, and then send me the finished file when it’s all done. The rest is mostly automated (you can let it run all night while you sleep), but you may need need to intervene at various points. Don’t worry, it’s a lot less complicated than it sounds. Hopefully, as I play around with this some more, the majority of these tasks will become automated.