<Search result logs and full list of banned words>

UPDATE 3/21/12: Because the initial Google translations provided for these words have been misinterpreted as their actual meanings, I’m taking down the full list of words I’ve uncovered thus far. If you still really want to see them, you can maybe do a Wayback search for this page. Otherwise, please read my blocked word posts wherein I’ve provided proper translations and context for why they are blocked on Weibo. The sample of words presented here are words blocked on Sina Weibo; these are not a list of words blocked by the Chinese government. The list also changes frequently, so the words posted here may have since been unblocked. This is not a list of ALL words blocked on Weibo, merely the ones I found in my searches. Please read this Disinfo article before re-using content in this post.

UPDATE 2/25/12: I finally finished searching through the 700,000 Chinese Wikipedia keywords last month and have found roughly 1000 words to be blocked (you can download/view a list of all 1,574 here).

Sample of blocked words

direct link | full post and summary

direct link | full post and analysis


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