Hoobastank is an American rock band, best known...

Hoobastank is an American rock band, best known for their 2003 hit “The Reason.” An informal survey conducted by The Stranger found the band’s name to be one of the worst of all-time.

Why it is blocked: Unfortunately, as amusing as the thought might be, it’s not because Weibo censors have declared the band’s style of modern rock music off-limits; rather, the blocked keyword is “stank” and Hoobastank is merely caught inadvertently (see Scunthorpe problem). One might rightfully think the trigger would be the word “tank,” the Chinese version of the word (坦克) once being blocked itself, but  ”tank” was tested at the same time as “Hoobastank” and “tank” was unblocked. Thus, “stank” is definitely the blocked word, perhaps because of its connotations of licentiousness, since neither stink nor stunk are blocked. Or, perhaps even more likely, someone screwed up. [Status - 1/17/12: blocked; 2/5/12, 3/13/12: unblocked]


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