Wen Jiabao (“温家宝”) unable to be posted on Weibo;...

Wen Jiabao (“温家宝”) unable to be posted on Weibo; error message returned

I’m not certain when this began, but as of right now, you can’t post any message on Weibo with Wen Jiabao’s name (“温家宝”). Doing so returns the following message (full size image):


Rough translation: Sorry, this content violates “Sina Weibo’s Community Administrative Rules" or other related regulatory policies, and we’re unable to execute the intended action. If you need assistance, please contact customer service.

FreeWeibo shows posts containing Wen Jiabao still being deleted today. Searches for Wen’s name have been blocked continuously for some time now (he was unblocked briefly during the Party Congress and for the ten days after), but being unable to post his name at all is another more extreme step. Attempting to post “彭博社” (Bloomberg) also returns the same error message. By comparison, I checked several hundred other sensitive politician’s names in the past week and no one else had this form of censorship. Can folks confirm that they are unable to post 温家宝 on their end as well?


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