How you can help this little project of mine:

1) If you use Weibo and discover a banned word that’s not already in my list of banned words or on China Digital Times’ list, let me know!
2) Found an error with one of my explanations or have a cool piece of info to add? Know an answer to one of my "why?" questions or want to write up a short summary of one of the blocked words that I haven’t posted about yet? I’d be happy to correct my entries or upload your own and credit you.
3) Have any other questions about this project or just want to get in touch with me? Go right ahead!

How: submit it to me via the form below or use the Ask Me form if you’d like to contact me without providing an email address (note: Tumblr logs your IP). Alternatively, you can message me on Twitter @jasonqng or email me at my twitter handle with gmail.com appended (pgp).