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维基揭密 / 維基揭密 (WikiLeaks / Wéijījiēmì) is an online organization that publishes submissions of secret and classified media from anonymous news sources, news leaks, and whistleblowers. 维基 is a transliteration of “Wiki” while the last two characters can be written in various ways (see note below for discussion of variations on word), all of which roughly mean “uncovering/explaining secrets.”

Why it blocked: China, like the U.S. is deathly afraid of government leaks and is no doubt concerned about what WL has in its treasure trove of secret documents. Already, Wikileaks has revealed Chinese willingness to abandon North Korea, as well as other embarrassing (if true) rumors like Wen Jiabao’s “disgust” with his wife’s corruption. In the U.S., merely even reading WikiLeaks cables may have repercussions on your job prospects, and just last week a U.S. Foreign Service Officer was dismissed for linking to WikiLeaks on his blog, among other allegations. Nothing similar exists in China at the moment. [Status - 3/12/12, 3/23/12: blocked]

Note: Both the above simplified and traditional versions have roughly the same number of Google hits.  Swaps for the third and fourth characters are common. “Jie” can be written as 解, meaning “explain,” or 揭, meaning “uncover.” “Mi” can be written as 秘, meaning “secret,” or 密, meaning “dense” (put together, 秘密, they form the word “secret”). Some of these alternative variations—for instance 维基解密, apparently the most popular way to translate the term, with roughly 9 million Google hits vs. less than a million for the two above blocked versions—are unblocked.